A DoT oriented DPS spec for the Sage advanced class.  Involves keeping up to 3 DoTs up, using FiB on cooldown to give your target(s) a debuff that increases your DoT damage, keeping Mind Crush on cooldown, with instant Disturbances when MC is on cooldown then spamming Telekinetic Throw to proc Presence of Mind.  Help build and improve this Balance Sage guide below!


Balance – from here you can go Force Gift + Penetrating Light (higher DPS) or Clamoring Force + Concentration (lower DPS) with 1 point left over

Force Management

  • Some thoughts on force management. Finishing an entire cast of TkT is force positive and in most situations is a better way to regen force instead of multiple Sacrifices  /u/Spiderbubble
  • A spec with Concentration helps with force issues that normally come with Balance spec. The trade off will be +3% crit and/or +2% alacrity to get that talent.  Since you are speccing into Telekinesis, Clamoring Force may be a good investment in that tree as well.




1.   Keep Weaken Mind and Sever Force up at all times

2.  Force in Balance on cooldown

3.  Mind Crush with  Presence of Mind

3.a  Disturbance with  Presence of Mind if Mind Crush is far from coming back up (conditional)

4.  Telekinetic Throw

Key points

1.   Weaken Mind and Sever Force both lasts 18 seconds. Refresh them one after the other for easy DoT management

2.   Mind Crush and Force In Balance are both on a 15 sec cooldown.  If you start with the opener above, it is possible to use them one after the other, however this might be harder to keep track in a raid especially when you use up a proc of  Presence of Mind with  Disturbance

2.  Force Potency with  Force in Balance. The 2nd stack goes to  Telekinetic Throw (See #5).

3.  Telekinetic Throw to proc  Presence of Mind

4. Increasing DPS will depend on your management of Presence of Mind.  Max DPS should be when you can keep   on cooldown while using   as much as you can. Using disturbances with PoM will be a DPS increase for you but your force regeneration will become slightly negative (since you’d be using it instead of TkT). However, if by using it you have to delay your Mind Crush it’s a DPS loss. /u/Pelara

5.    Force in Balance will consume as many stacks of Force Potency as targets it critically hits. (Look for opportunities where you can) use the first stack on Force  Lightning/TkT, followed by DF/FiB to crit on as many targets as possible. /u/freakinajar

Offensive cooldowns

1.  Mental Alacrity on cooldown

2.  with  and  Force Potency TkT and Force in Balance.

Raid defenses and utility

 Some mechanics are not cleansed by Force Barrier so ask around or do some research beforehand

 Get yourself out of sticky situations with Force Speed

 You can heal to full!

 A good Sage knows how to use this ability to save a party member from certain mechanics.  e.g. Corruptor Zero’s laser, Raptus’ conal knockback, Brontes’ blue orbs, etc.

Gearing & Stats

Head over to Nibbon’s Sage/Sorc DPS thread for more info and questions on gearing and stat advice.

Special request

Ktap or Nibbon for a Balance video :)


How do you play your Balance Sage?  Share your thoughts below or…

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