Kinetic Combat

Kinetic Combat Shadows – mobile tanking class with multiple abilities that help them tank from 10-m range.  PVE raid wide utility in the form of increased healing buff and increased healing received buff.  Great map control with Force Speed and ability to teleport (which works through stuns and movement impairing effects).


There are other variations of the spec. Some people don’t use Rapid Recovery or Upheaval. These things shouldn’t make or break your raid. The spec stated here is simply put, the preference of the author (Fuyri). I personally put points into out-of-stealth Spinning Kick/Spike for adds.

Table of Contents:

BIS STATS (until Nightmare of Fortress and Palace)

For questions on BiS stats, head over to this thread here.

Endurance: 3749
Endurance increases the amount of damage you can suffer before being defeated (Health Pool).  You want to spend available points on defensive stats over endurance because it only increases your TTL and not mitigation. A certain amount of endurance however is required to avoid getting 1 shot but you will obtain this by just using the BiS gear.

Shield rating:  940
Increases the chance that incoming energy or kinetic attacks will be reduced by your shield.  This is the least efficient of the defensive stats, but is present on all tanking gear.

Absorption rating: 1193
Increases the percentage of damage prevented when an attack is absorbed by your shield.  This is the most efficient defensive stat for assassin tanks due to the extra 20% shield chance obtained through dark ward.

Defense rating: 462
Increases the chance to avoid incoming ranged and melee attacks.  Another great defensive stat, however unlike shielding attacks this only works on white damage and not tech/force attacks

Accuracy and Alacrity rating: 0
While these stats can be found on some tanking gear they are terrible you should not have any.  

For questions about BiS stats join the discussion here.  Read more on the reasoning behind these stats and check out his spreadsheet.






Mind Control — Mass Mind Control — Mind Control lasts for about 18 seconds.  Unless you are saving your 3rd taunt (aka the 2nd Single taunt) then you should have aggro for at least 18 seconds in the beginning of the fight no matter what.  If a DPS pulls after those 18 seconds, it could mean any or all of these things:

  • He did not threat dump (Bad. The best time for a DPS to hit his threat dump is after he sees the taunt debuff on the boss.  This is something everyone should be doing in the hardest tier of PvE content)
  • He does not have guard
  • All his abilities were critical hits

Keep in mind though that their threat dump is on a 45 second cooldown.  In fights with a lot of target resets where their threat dump or your AoE taunt is off cooldown, you may need to be extra vigilant in keeping aggro on the mob.


A good opening for a tank is one that gives you great initial threat while enabling you to get and keep all your important buffs/debuffs active.  Each point here represents a Global Cooldown (GCD), as some abilities are off the GCD you can cast them at the same time and in this situation they’ll fall under the point but you should click the first (or top) one first. The taunts listed in the openings are also optional and should be used when wanting extra early threat at the risk of not having the taunt available while it’s on cooldown.


  1.  + 
  2.  + 

If Particle Acceleration procs

  1.  + 
  2.  + 

If Particle Acceleration does not proc

  1.  if Shadow Wrap procs. Otherwise
  2. Check again if Particle Acceleration procced.

If 2 attacks and still no Particle Acceleration proc

  1.  + 
  2.  +
  3. After this go to single target priority below:


1.  Check if Kinetic Ward is active.
2.  Check if Force Breach debuff is on target.
3.  Use Telekinetic Throw If you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Shadows.
4.  Use Slow Time to get a stack of Harnessed Shadows.
5.  Use Project to get a stack of Harnessed Shadows.
6.  if target < 30% health
7.  if  procs
8.  if >35 force.
9. Auto attack if <35 force.


Holding threat from 10-meter range.  Useful for some boss fights such as Nightmare Operations Chief or Nightmare Dread Guard Council.

(Assassin) Watch it below:

1.  Check if buff is active.
2.  Check if debuff is on target.
3.  Use Telekinetic Throw If you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Shadows.
4.  Use Slow Time to get a stack of Harnessed Shadows.
5.  Use Project to get a stack of Harnessed Shadows.
6.  Use Force Breach.
7.  Use Force Wave (only use this if all targets it will hit are immune to CC).
8.  Use Force Slow.
9.  Use Force Stun.

Optional.  Use Mind Crush. This is optional as you may suffer from pushback when casting making it the less effective than it originally looks.


When Tanking multiple opponents within a small area you want to prioritize your AoE moves over the rest of your rotation. Holding aggro is more difficult in this situation so maximizing threat is more important than getting the highest self healing possible.

1.  Check if Kinetic Ward is active.
2.  Use Slow Time.
2.  Use Force Breach.
3.  If you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Shadows.
5.  Use Project.
6.  Whirling Blow giving you an almost guaranteed Particle Acceleration proc (resets Project).
7.  or  mobs that peel off.

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