A turret and a casting specialization for Sages with exceptional AoE capabilities.  A bit proc dependent but can put out some amazing burst (and sustained DPS) when RNG is in your favor.  Suffers from movement heavy fights.  This guide is inspired by Nibbon’s Sage DPS (TK + Balance) found in the swtor forums.  Check this video by Ktap aka Handcuff in torparse of the TK rotation in action:

Talent tree

3/36/7 – 2/2 Alacrity 1/3 Crit talent

Core DPS talents and abilities


Offensive cooldowns


Priorities :IMPORTANT:

  1. Keep Weakening Mind up
  2. Use Turbulence on cooldown
  3. Use Mind Crush on cooldown
  4. Use Tidal Force (instant Telekinetic Wave) within 10 seconds of the proc
  5. Use Telekinetic Throw (hasted Telekinetic Throw) before the proc runs out.
  6. Spam Disturbance

MAX DPS Opener sample parse-ktap-sage


Assuming a Tidal Force proc, pop Force Potency  / Telekinetic Throw on proc

2.   / 

Spam Lightning strike / Telekinetic Throw on proc

3.     / 

Turbulence should be up again / TW (TT) on proc

4.    /  

Start a new rotation with Mind Crush


Cooldown placement



  • Relic, adrenal and MA should be used right before Turbulence
  • FP should be used up by TW first (and ideally by TTsecond)

BiS Stats & Gear

You have a total of ten “enhancement” slots to fill.  Five from your actual armor, 2 from your main hand and offhand, two from your implants and one from your earpiece

Telekinetics:  4 surge, 2 alacrity, 4 accuracy, 61 crit (either 1 mod or 1 enhancement with Crit)
Sage:  4 surge, 2 alacrity, 4 accuracy, 185 crit
Augments:  Willpower


AoE rotation


If you can, pre/hard cast Chain Lightning then follow it up with Force Storm to reset the cd.

Tips & Tricks

  • WM lasts 18 seconds.  Turbulence has a 9 second timer.  Remember you need to do 2 Turbulence for every 1 WM
  • MC has a 15 sec cd and does not align with WM and Turbulence. MC should be used every time it’s up and prioritized below WM and Turbulence but above TW, TT and Disturbance.  You can delay the procs on TW and TT as long as you don’t let the procs wear off or let it get overwritten (internal cooldown for your procs is 10 seconds)
  • Always follow Turbulence with Disturbance spam and then use up your procs.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kindran

  1. Do not sit and wait for an ability. If Turbulence or MC have 1 sec left then cast Disturbance
  2. Always make sure WM is up and do not clip it
  3. Don’t stop casting
  4. If WM has 1-2 seconds left and Turbulence comes up, use Disturbance > WM > Turbulence
  5. Use procs when you can’t use Turbulence or MC

DoT management

Can become troublesome for new players especially when multiple DoTs are up. A way to alleviate this is to think of your priority list as a set of rotations and casting WM 1 GCD before Turbulence comes up.  This will lower the uptime of your WM since you are trading off DoT uptime for more Disturbance spam.

Alternative Rotation (2 Turbulence for every 1 Weaken Mind)


2.  /  


4.  /  

  • Keep spamming Disturbance after your 2nd Turbulence. 1 GCD befroe Turbulence comes back up again, reapply WM (remember to keep MC on cooldown and use up your procs within 10 seconds of them coming up)


2.  /  


4.  /  

Raid parse as undergeared TK Sage (Lighting Sorcerer) versus BiS UW raid

  • Full 69s
  • Total 5 pieces of 72s (mods/enhancements)
  • Black Market implants and earpiece
  • 3/4 PVE set bonus
  • DG BA, Conq SA
  • 69 MH and OH
  • 2678 Willpower, No augments
  • 0 crit, fully buffed and stimmed

NiM Styrak

  1. 1,379,785 Watchman (Gorband)
  2. 1,290,320 Gunnery, Sharpshooter (Odawgg, Roovin)
  3. 1,104,392 Telekinetic (B’oardmuffinwan)

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