Lightning Sorcerer updated for 2.0.  A turret and a casting specialization with exceptional AoE.  Quite proc dependent on DPS but can put out some amazing burst when RNG is in your favor.  Suffers from movement heavy fights. This guide inspired by Nibbon’s Sage DPS (TK + Balance) found in the swtor forums.  For more rotational tips visit KTap’s youtube video here

Talent tree

3/36/7 – 2/2 Alacrity 1/3 Crit talent

Core DPS talents abilities



Offensive cooldowns


Priorities :IMPORTANT:

  1. Keep Affliciton up
  2. Use Thundering Blast on cooldown
  3. Use Crushing Darkness on cooldown,
  4. Use Lightning Storm (instant Chain Lightning) within 10 seconds of it proccing
  5. Use Lightning Barrage (hasted Force Lightning) within 10 seconds of it proccing
  6. Spam Lightning Strike

MAX DPS Opener sample parse-ktap-sage


Assuming a Chain Lightning proc, pop Recklessness

2.   / 

Spam Lightning strike

3.     / 

Thundering Blast should be up again

4.    /  

Start a new rotation with Crushing Darkness


Cooldown placement



  • Relic, adrenal and Polarity Shift should be used right before Thundering Blast
  • Recklessness should be used (ideally by Hasted Force Lightning first and then) Chain Lightning.  The reason for this is that your Chain Lightning’s second proc can use up a stack of Recklessness thus wasting it

BiS Stats & Gear Source

You have a total of ten “enhancement” slots to fill.  Five from your actual armor, 2 from your main hand and offhand, two from your implants and one from your earpiece

Lightning:  4 surge, 2 alacrity, 4 accuracy, 61 crit (either 1 mod or 1 enhancement with Crit)
Sorcerer:  4 surge, 2 alacrity, 4 accuracy, 185 crit
Augments:  Willpower

AoE rotation


If you can, pre/hard cast Chain Lightning then follow it up with Force Storm to reset the cd.

Tips & Tricks

  • Affliction lasts 18 seconds.  Thundering Blast has a 9 second timer.  Do 2 Thundering Blasts for every 1 Affliction that you do (single target)
  • CrD has a 15 sec cd and does not align with Affliction and Thundering Blast. Crushing Darkness should be used every time it’s up and prioritized below Affliction and Thundering Blast but above Lightning Strike and the Chain Lightning and Force Lightning procs.  You can delay the procs as long as you don’t let the procs wear off or let it get overwritten. Remember  the ICD is around 10 seconds.
  • Always follow Thundering Blast with Lighting Strike and then watch for any procs.

DoT Management

Can become troublesome for new players especially when multiple DoTs are up. A way to alleviate this is to think of your priority list as a set of rotations and casting Affliction 1 GCD before Thundering Blast comes up.  This will lower the uptime of your Affliction since you are trading off DoT uptime for more Disturbance spam.






  • Keep spamming Lightning Strike after your 2nd Thundering Blast.  1 GCD before your 1st Thundering Blast comes up reapply Affliction.  Remember to use CrD whenever it is up and use your procs before their 10 second internal cooldown.





Raid parse as undergeared Lighting Sorc versus BiS UW raid

  • Full 69s
  • Total 5 pieces of 72s (mods/enhancements)
  • Black Market implants and earpiece
  • 3/4 PVE set bonus
  • DG BA, Conq SA
  • 69 MH and OH
  • 2678 Willpower, No augments
  • 0 crit, fully buffed and stimmed

8-man Nightmare Dread Master Styrak

  1. 1,379,785 Annihilation (Gorband)
  2. 1,290,320 Arsenal, Marksmanhip (Odawgg, Roovin)
  3. 1,104,392 Lightning (B’oardmuffinwan)

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4 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. One comment about an improvement to the guide is you state to use recklessness preferably first on chain lightning. While this holds true on a dummy I would recommend using it first on force lightning preferably, or if you can’t get a proc use it first on lightning strike. In a raid if there are any adds near your target, chain lightning will consume both of your recklessness charges similarly to how death field can do that to a madness sorc in an aoe situation.

      • I don’t remember seeing anything about it in any updates, but you could be right. Awesome guide though, I really like the visual displays of abilities whichI helps out newer players to the class a lot more than a wall of text. It’s always been the one nice thing noxxic had despite their info often being misleading. Always love seeing reliable info in clean formatting which your guides have all excelled at :D

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